Fiji Beach Shacks
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 not just a place to stay, a place to dream...

no decisions, no deadlines, no pressures,
your complete escape,
once you stay you may never want to leave ........

The only decision you'll have to make is which villa you would prefer - the House of Bamboo or the Pod House .......

Overlooking Savusavu Bay both houses have their own private pools and incredible views.

Come to a place where people still have time to stop and smile and pass the time away under the shade of  a mango tree.

A place that will leave you regenerated and relaxed. 

You will have to change your pace and slow down and take time to laze around the pool, time to watch the sunsets and time to gaze at the stars in the clear night sky and time to just do nothing at all ....

Some of us never leave our homes or home towns – or never travel overseas. It can be family pressures, hectic lifestyles, tragedies or hardships that keep us bound and we think we could never possibly get away. So Fiji Airways is looking for individuals, couples or families who truly deserve an extraordinary break, to allow them to step from the demands of the everyday and give them the chance to experience a home away from home unforgettable experience. The airline is inviting people with remarkable stories who deserve the chance to getaway to share their stories. Some of those people will be rewarded with an unforgettable getaway and will be, as all passengers of Fiji Airways are, treated with the same warmth and care you'd expect from your family and friends at home.  As soon as they embark on their journey through to touching down, they will instantly be cared for and enjoy that relaxing feeling only being amongst family and feeling at home can give you.


Nominate yourself or someone you know who truly deserves a Home Away From Home trip of a lifetime. To find out more visit